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Monthly Meeting: December 8 — Holiday Celebration

Martinis & Mistletoe Reminder

More Than A Brick, It's A Lasting Tribute

Constable Patrol Sign-Up Time

A Family's Tribute: A 100-Year Historic Connection

Election Results

Heights Garden Club: January 10 — Conroe field trip

Spring Home & Garden Tour: Save the date, recommend homes, and volunteer

Spread Some Cheer: Holiday Baskets — December 16 & 17

Adopt A Right-Of-Way Tree — February 1

Community Improvement Awards reminder

Help Wanted — Newsletter Team

Save A Tree: Newsletter Delivery Options


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Staff and Contributors


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Newsletter of the Houston Heights Association
Volume Thirty-Nine, Number Twelve, December 2014
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More Than A Brick, It’s A Lasting Tribute

You can create a lasting tribute that will become a part of Heights history with a personalized brick in the new brick courtyard at the Houston Heights City Hall & Fire Station. Your message will be engraved in time for the 100th anniversary celebration of the building in March 2015.

Here are just a few ideas to consider for a special tribute:

  • Birth dates
  • Wedding dates
  • Memorials for a loved one
  • Date you moved into the Heights
  • Remembrance of a beloved pet
  • Listing of family members

Personalized bricks are $150 each from now through December 31, 2014. In addition to creating a lasting tribute memorializing what is important to you, your brick purchase helps support the many neighborhood projects and programs of the Houston Heights Association.

An order form is included in the paper edition of this month’s newsletter and can also be found online here. To pay by check, mail your completed form and payment to the address provided on the form. To pay by credit card, visit our store.

* Bricks are 4” x 8” and include up to 3 lines with a maximum of 19 characters per line, including spaces. The Houston Heights Association reserves the right to refuse engraving any message or material that it determines to be inappropriate, such as telephone numbers, political messages, and suggestive writing. No logos or slogans will be allowed.

See the article "A Family's Tribute" below for an example of what might inspire a brick inscription.

Constable Patrol Sign-Up Time

While you have your checkbook out or your browser open to buy a brick, think about signing up for the 2015 Constable Patrol Program. There's a form included in the paper edition, or you can visit the Patrol Program page to get more information and sign up.

Monthly Meeting & Happy Hour

Join us on the second Monday of every month to meet neighbors, hear interesting programs, and learn about events. Doors open to the Fire Station at 6:30 PM for happy hour, with the monthly program commencing at 7:00 PM. Everyone is invited!

December 8: Holiday Celebration

Annual free holiday party for HHA members and guests. Holiday charity toy drive “Tons of Toys in Ten Days” with Constable Alan Rosen. Merriment, music, and maybe a little mayhem.

If you bought tickets for our Martinis & Mistletoe event, don’t forget to join us on Friday, December 5, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at 205 Bayland Avenue in Woodland Heights.

Platinum Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Winter 2014–2015 Platinum sponsor:

Boulevard Realty

A Family’s Tribute

A 100-Year Historic Connection

(Editor’s Note: We received this letter which is a terrific reminder of the history of our neighborhood. Mrs. Kohlman, thank you for sharing with us!)

Heights Association,

My name is Barbara Jones Kohlman and my late husband’s name is Roger Lee Kohlman.

Roger is the grandson of Ed Kohlman, lieutenant at the Fire Station on 12th and Yale in March 1915. Ed Kohlman’s name is listed in the book of “The History of the Heights.”

Roger was very proud of his grandfather who is part of the history of the Heights. Roger would have been so honored to know he has a brick with his name at the Fire Station where his grandfather worked.

Thank you for the opportunity to create a tribute to my husband Roger Lee Kohlman. His mother, Doris Kohlman (92) who still lives in the Heights, and I thank you.

- Barbara Jones Kohlman

Two pictures of “Big Ed” Kohlman driving fire trucks hang in the lobby of the Fire Station. The one shown below was taken at the satellite fire station on 18th Street, after annexation. The other shows him at an unidentified ivy-covered station.

Spring Home & Garden Tour

Mark your calendars and save the date!

The annual HHA Spring Home & Garden Tour will be April 10-12, 2015. We are in search of a diverse mix of six homes with willing homeowners. We need a variety of architectural styles and interior decor, and of course - since it is a home and garden tour - a great landscape is a must. If you would like to nominate your home, or suggest one for us to look at, please email the information to

It takes about 300 volunteers to make this event go smoothly, and we need you! Committees are forming now. If you would like to volunteer or just to inquire about ways you can, let us know at We would love to sign you up!

Election Results

At the November 10 General Meeting, the Election Committee announced the following results: Matt Bedingfield, Laura Menefee, Kenny Terrell, Cressandra Thibobeaux, and Carol Welter were elected to 2015-2017 terms on the HHA Board. At its Organizational Meeting, the 2015 Board will fill the two one-year terms for which no nominations were received at the September General Meeting.

Heights Garden Club

There are no scheduled meetings in December.

January’s meeting features our first field trip, which will be to our favorite compost resource: Nature’s Way Resources in Conroe. Come enjoy a tour and adventure on January 10 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon.

John Ferguson, the owner of Nature’s Way Resources, will lead the tour. John is a soil scientist, the author of the book Organic Management for the Professional, and he is one of the pioneers of the composting industry in Texas.

Those on the tour will get the inside scoop on how Nature’s Way Resources makes their compost, mulches, and soils from scratch. Additionally, John and his staff will show off several demonstration gardens and a new plant nursery that specializes in useful plants such as natives, heirlooms, and edibles.

Bring your gardening boots and get ready for an adventure! Carpooling details to be announced.

All events are free. For more information check our Facebook page or our website at

Gold Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Winter 2014–2015 Gold sponsors:

Harold's Restaurant Lucas Craftsmanship Inc. Trudy Waguespack Nelson

Spread Some Cheer: Help With Holiday Food Baskets

The Heights Rotary Club and the Houston Heights Association annually underwrite, prepare, and distribute food baskets to local families in need. These families are chosen by area charities. You can help assemble and distribute the goodies on December 16 and 17.

One hundred baskets (actually sets of six bags) will be assembled on the first floor of the Fire Station (12th & Yale) on the evening of Tuesday, December 16, starting at 5:00 PM. Volunteers will be sorting bulk groceries among the baskets for about two hours; come by whenever you can. This is a great opportunity for the entire family to give back to the community.

Delivery starts after lunch (approximately 11:30 AM) on Wednesday, December 17. Come by the Fire Station to pick up a set of bags and the name and address of a family to receive them; if you have a large car or van, pick up several! Delivery should be completed that afternoon. If you are interested in lunch, plates are available for $10 (cash only) beginning at 11:00 AM. Typically, delivering three baskets (to three families) takes an hour to an hour and a half.

This is a great way for the whole family to volunteer some time to a very worthy cause. Previous participants can assure you, the smile and sometimes joyous tears on the recipients’ faces makes the true meaning of this holiday season truly memorable.

Please help us make the holidays brighter for local families in need. If you are interested in volunteering a couple of hours of time or would like to learn more about this project, contact Scott Lester at 281-894-3270 or email him at scott.lester

Happy Holidays!

Save The Date - Adopt A Tree

As everyone can agree, Heights Trees Count, especially in the right of way (ROW), and “The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago… the next best time is today!”

Therefore, on Sunday, February 1, the City of Houston Urban Foresters are partnering with the Houston Heights Association for an Adopt A Tree for Your Neighborhood ROW event at Heights Boulevard at 7th Street and the Hike and Bike Trail at Donovan Park

Watch for further details!

Silver Sponsor

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Winter 2014–2015 Silver sponsor:


Community Improvement Awards

Change is everywhere this year - in our community and in our Community Improvement Awards process!

by Anne Culotta, CIA Chair

Ahhh, Fall! It’s that time of year when we pull our heads out of the air-conditioning and take a walk, or a bike ride, or just roll down the car windows and cruise. All the better to notice what’s going on in the neighborhood: what’s changed, what’s new, and what makes Houston Heights an even better place than before.

In the next six weeks, the HHA will be accepting nominations for the 2014 Community Improvement Awards. The Nomination Form was in the hardcopy edition of the November newsletter and is on the HHA website. (Click here.) Nominations must be received by January 9, 2015.

This year, the Community Improvement Awards Chair (aka: me) has decided to do something a little different with respect to the Awards program. As our neighborhood has grown and prospered each year, we have received more and more CIA nominations. In the past, we have included every nomination in the slide show presentation at the HHA Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Dinner in February.

In order to keep our HHA Community Improvement Awards program from becoming, like the Oscars, interminable, this year we will select “Finalists” from the pool of nominees. Finalists will be selected based on the Nomination Form and photographs submitted. Therefore, it is more important than ever that Nomination Forms be complete and include “before” and “after” photographs. Reminder: the judges can only consider exterior improvements!

The Eligibility and Judging Criteria remain the same. The judges will personally view all the Finalist properties, and the Winners will be selected from these Finalists. The slide show will present the Finalists and the Winners, rather than every nomination received.

As always, we encourage you to nominate that special home or business that was recently renovated or constructed here in the Heights, the one that makes you slow down and say, “Now that’s a nice change!” Then you can go back to griping about the traffic. ;-)

Help Wanted - Newsletter

by Mark Williamson, Newsletter Editor

The team that prepares your monthly newsletter in its various editions is expanding. We are looking for people to fill any or all of the following positions:

Web Layout Specialist

Create the HTML edition using supplied templates, articles, and photographs under the direction of the Editor. Requires skill with Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, or similar program.

Managing Editor

Supervise and coordinate the team members listed above and below; coordinate with HHA Officers, Committee Chairs, contractors, and volunteers as necessary; coordinate with printer/mailer to produce print edition; coordinate with Webmaster to publish PDF and HTML editions; handle inquiries and submissions from members and readers.

Candidates have been identified for the following positions, but not confirmed:

Print Layout Specialist

Create the print and PDF editions using supplied templates, articles, and photographs under the direction of the Editor. Requires skill with Adobe InDesign or similar program.

Copy Editor/Proofreader

Gather articles from other HHA committees, edit them into standard formats, correct errors, and crosscheck stories for consistency under the direction of the Editor. Requires use of Microsoft Word.


Cover HHA events, taking pictures and/or writing stories as assigned by the Editor.

[Kathleen and I have been doing these all of these jobs for most of the last twenty years except the years when I’ve been President. Now that I’m going to be President again next year, we need some major help. -Editor]

To volunteer for any of these positions, contact


Our thanks to these donors for their generous support of the programs of the Houston Heights Association.

Virginia Allen - Boulevard/Gardens, Fire Station Restoration, Parks

Another Place in Time, Mike Lowery

Cathy Bauguss & Jared Wheat - Boulevard/Gardens

Carlos Bechara & Marwa Shammas - Donovan Playground, Flower Gardens

Susan Brady & Nicolas Chazalnoel

Jane Bryant - Parks, Boulevard, Flower Gardens, Fire Station Restoration

Tamarah Feigl - Donovan Playground

Paul & Donna Frugé

Carvel Glenn - Boulevard, Herta Glenn Memorial Garden

Jean-Marie & Cutter Howard - Boulevard, Operating Fund

AnnMarie Johnson - Parks, Boulevard, Flower Gardens, Fire Station Restoration

Rose Kimbrough & Greg Goodrich

Mike & Michelle Lane

Michelle McNutt & Billy Gill

Sapna & Anuragh Mehta - Donovan Playground

Maria & Mike Onufrow - Parks

Katherine Pearson & Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Julie & Byron Pettit - Donovan Playground

Jon & Virginia Pruet - Parks, Boulevard

John & Carolyn Redfield - Boulevard

Jill & Sam Sisler - Boulevard

Heather Thompson & Glenn Williams - Donovan Playground, Flower Gardens

Heather & Patrick Wall - Parks

Lora Wildenthal & Peter Caldwell - Boulevard

Bronze Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Winter 2014–2015 Bronze sponsors:

Bayou City Aire The Village of The Heights

New Members

Please welcome these new members to the Houston Heights Association.

Maconda & Sacha Abinader

Jeanne Abundi

Virginia Allen

Cathy Bauguss & Jared Wheat

Lowell Bezanis & Maria Gomez

Susan Brady & Nicolas Chazalnoel

Stephen Brown

Laurel & Jason Browning

David Busch Family

Sarah & Christopher Centrich

Heli & Stephanie Contreras

Tamarah Feigl

Antonio Fernandez

Donna & Paul Frugé

Gretchen Gemeinhardt & Becky Proler

Alison & Jeremy Gottlieb

Laura & Steve Hampton

Jean-Marie & Cutter Howard

Matthew Hughes & Morgan Buzdon

Parry Kahkeshani

Rose Kimbrough & Greg Goodrich

Elizabeth & Ross King

Mike & Michelle Lane

Brent & Jan Larsen

Mr. & Mrs. Luther C. Lau, IV

Scott & Ann Mahlberg

Joey & Karri Mahmoud

Jonathan Mann & Marie Cenac

Michelle McNutt & Billy Gill

Sagna & Anuragh Mehta

Diana Merced

Warren & Kathy Miller

Peter & Ginger Miranda

Shannon Morrison & Mike Lothringer

J. Kelly & Ellen Mowry

Mike & Robyn Newburn

Anthony Nguyen

James & Karen Pol

Andre & Stephanie Pretorius

Byron Rusk & Ginger Maughs

Daisy & Ferris Shadid

Jill & Sam Sisler

Christina & Clark Solomon

Spider Road Press, Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Elysse & Greg Toth

Robert & Melanie Urban

Terry & Sue Wheeler

Timothy Williams

Save A Tree - Newsletter Delivery Options

Did you know that you can choose whether to receive a printed copy of the newsletter, an email announcement of the newsletter’s availability on the website, or both? By default, we send the printed copy to everybody and also email the announcement to everybody for whom we have a deliverable email address (or two, for families).

You can change your newsletter delivery option by contacting the HHA Business Manager at businessmanager@ or 713-861-4002 option 2 and letting her know your preferences.

Calendar of Events for December 2014 & January 2015








December 1

(No Land Use Committee meeting this month)


(PIP moved to Wednesday)


PIP meeting, 7:00 PM, 1602 State Street

4 - garbage and recycling


“Martinis & Mistletoe,” 7:00-10:00 PM, 205 Bayland



Pearl Harbor Day

Deadline for next newsletter


HHA General Meeting, “Holiday Celebration,” 7:00 PM, Fire Station



11 - garbage





2015 Board Organizational Meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


17 - heavy trash (junk waste in even months)

18 - garbage and recycling







Christmas Eve



26 - garbage






New Year’s Eve

Deadline for brick orders

January 1, 2015

New Year’s Day

2 - garbage and recycling



Deadline for next newsletter


HHA Land Use, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP Meeting, 7:00 PM, 1602 State Street


8 - garbage


Deadline for CIA nominations


Heights Garden Club, 10:00 AM, Conroe (by carpool)



HHA General, Topic TBA, 7:00 PM, Fire Station



15 - garbage and recycling





Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

HHA Board, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


21 - heavy trash (tree waste in odd months)

22 - garbage







29 - garbage and recycling



HHA headquarters: The Fire Station is on the corner of Yale and 12th Streets.

Community Calendar

Events planned by other community organizations

Every Saturday, 8:00 AM, Heights Running Club meets on the Heights Boulevard jogging trail at 7th Street. Back to the regular time. Contact to be added to the weekly distribution list.

First and third Thursdays, 7:30 PM, English Country Dancing in the Heights, dances taught and called. For more information, email or visit

December 4, Mercury concert “Christmas Gloria” at 339 W 19th Street. Works by Handel, Bach, and Corette. For tickets or further information, visit

December 6, St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Holiday Market in the West Hall of the school, 3600 Brinkman.

January 30-February 8, Opera in the Heights presents Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito in Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For tickets, visit or call 713-861-5303.

At The Properties

Events at the Houston Heights City Hall & Fire Station, Donovan Park, and Marmion Park

Heights Tai Chi Association meets Saturdays at 9:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in Marmion Park, Heights Boulevard at 18th.

December 6, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, John Daugherty Realtors offers free photos with Santa at Donovan Park.

Future History

February 22, 2015, Awards Dinner

March 15, celebration of the centennial of the Fire Station dedication

April 10-12, Spring Home Tour

June 6, Heights Fun Run [tentative date]

October 4, Bicycle Ride & Scavenger Hunt [tentative date]

December 4-5, Holiday Home Tour [tentative dates]

December 15-16, Holiday Food Baskets [tentative dates]

Heavy Trash Notes

December is a “Junk Waste” month; January is a “Tree Waste Only” month. The heavy trash pickup date is the third Wednesday for most of the HHA coverage area.

For dates at your address, visit the City Solid Waste site.

The Heights is published monthly by the Houston Heights Association. Its purpose is to acknowledge achievements and to inform HHA members of events.

Copyright © 2014, the Houston Heights Association and/or the authors unless otherwise noted.

Newsletter inquiries, suggestions, or submissions should be directed to:

Editor, The Heights, 107 W. 12th Street, Houston, TX 77008-6907;

email; or leave a message on 713-861-4002.

Staff and Contributors

VP Communications: Julie Pettit

Editor: Mark R. Williamson

Assistant Editor: Kathleen S. Williamson

December contributors:

Stacey Courville, Anne Culotta, Bill Davis, Brenda Eskelson, Lauriel Hindman, Scott Lester, Denise Martin.

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