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General Meetings - August 13 "Our Urban Forest," September 10 "Paths to Pedals," October 8 "Nominees and Notes"

Volunteers Re-Mulch Playground

Director Election Schedule

2012 HHA Directors and Officers

Fire Station Restoration /Renovation Continues

Land Use Committee Report: Yahoo! group formed

2012 Bicycle Rally & Scavenger Hunt - October 7

I-10 Frontage Road Update

GHSNC Officers 2012-2013

News From The Library

Constable Statistics


New Members


Staff and Contributors


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Newsletter of the Houston Heights Association
Volume Thirty-Eight, Number Eight, August 2012
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Volunteers Re-Mulch Playground

On Saturday, July 7, a group of HHA volunteers labored through 93° temperature and 100% humidity to restore the playground surface under the play structures in Donovan Park. A battalion of wheelbarrow drivers moved 40 cubic yards of Kiddie Kushion from the apron at the front of the park to the play structures while another group of volunteers raked and groomed.

Special thanks to the following volunteers: David McCue, McRae Peavy, John Thomas Peavy, Cory Peavy, Wanda & Mark Cohen, Rob Heller, Jeff Ruszkowski, Keith Crane, Christina Maley, Elaine Looney, Mark Williamson, Paul Carr, Jim Bennett, and Clay Fritsch.

General Meetings

August 13: “Our Urban Forest”

The HHA Urban Forestry Committee is organizing the program this month. Come learn about our urban forest.

September: “Paths to Pedals”

The September 10 General Meeting of the Houston Heights Association will feature a presentation from the Houston Parks Board. Among the items to be discussed will be the Bayou Greenways Project (a component of the upcoming bond election) and the recently awarded Tiger Grant that will be used to fund additional pedestrian and bike infrastructure improvements. There will also be speakers from the 2012 Heights Bicycle Rally & Scavenger Hunt (to be held October 7).

The floor will be open for nominations to the HHA Board of Directors. See the election schedule below.

October: “Nominees and Notes”

Nominees for positions on the HHA Board of Directors will have the opportunity to speak on their qualifications on October 8. Members of the Houston Heights Orchestra will perform.

Platinum Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following 2012 Platinum sponsor:

Republic Services

Director Election Schedule

Seven of the fifteen positions on the HHA Board of Directors will be filled by election over the next few months. Five positions are opening due to normal expiration of terms; members elected to these five positions will have three-year terms. Two positions are for the remaining final year of terms ended prematurely.

The five nominees receiving the highest numbers of votes will fill the three-year terms; the nominees receiving the sixth and seventh highest vote counts will fill the one-year vacancies. See the right column on this page for a list of current Directors and Officers.

The schedule for the election of Directors to serve terms starting in 2013 will be as follows, in accordance with the By-Laws and Policies of the Association.

• September 10 at the General Meeting, the floor will be opened for nominations to the Board of Directors. Nominators and nominees must be current members of the Association. Nominators may speak for two minutes. Please be sure before you nominate someone that your nominee will commit to serve. Individuals may not nominate themselves, nor may nominees speak on their own behalf at this meeting. Seconding speeches are no longer necessary.

• By September 12, the Election Committee will distribute to nominees election packets containing bylaws, policies, articles of incorporation, committee responsibility list, detailed election schedule, and a statement confirming that the nominee has read the bylaws and policies and agrees to serve in accordance with them if elected.

• By 5:00 PM on the Friday following the General Meeting (September 14), signed statements from nominees are due, as well as a 50-word (maximum) statement from each nominee for publication in the October newsletter and on the website. Statements longer than 50 words (as counted by Microsoft Word) will be truncated after the fiftieth word when published.

• October 8 at the General Meeting, nominees or their representatives may speak on their qualifications for 3 minutes. They will also draw for ballot positions at the beginning of the meeting.

• On or before the Friday following the General Meeting (October 12), the Election Committee will mail a ballot with a control number to each member in good standing whose dues are currently paid as of October 1. (Members invoiced by August 15 and not paid by October 1 are deemed not in good standing.)

• Ballots must be received by November 10, at the close of the U. S. Post Office, with control numbers intact.

• November 12, before the General Meeting, polls will be open for secret balloting in person from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM sharp. The Election Committee will tabulate ballots and announce the results during the meeting. The results will also be published in the December newsletter.

Fire Station Restoration/Renovation Continues

Restoration and renovation work continues at the old Houston Heights City Hall and Fire Station now owned by the Houston Heights Association. The offices constructed on the first floor by the Houston Fire Department at the rear of two of the three equipment bays have been removed (right). The air conditioning equipment formerly located above those offices has been relocated.

In the course of demolishing the walls of the offices, the rear two support columns were uncovered. Although these columns retained some paneling matching the front four columns (left), the underlying 12x12 beams were partially revealed (right). After consideration, the decision was made to expose the beams on all six columns.

Two additional sets of doors have been ordered, similar to the three previously installed on the 12th Street face and the one on the rear of the west bay. The two new sets will be equipped with emergency escape bars in a dark tone to match the hardware on the other new doors. They will be placed on the east and west bays. Interior wood doors will be stripped and stained to match.

The result will be a larger downstairs meeting space, almost rectangular with six exposed-wood columns (left). A small portion of the right rear corner will be enclosed to allow direct access to the catering area through the rear pedestrian door without going through the meeting space; double doors will be added for serving.

The Fire Station Master Plan Committee, having completed the planning for this year’s phase of the project, has suspended meetings for the remainder of the year.

2012 HHA Directors and Officers

Bill Baldwin (2012), VP Finance, VP Operations

Matt Bedingfield (2014), Treasurer

Donna Bennett (2013)

Stacy Courville (ND), Secretary

Keith Crane (2013), VP Community Affairs

Mike Easley (2013)

Rob Hellyer (2014)

Lindsey Lee (2012), President

Bill Pellerin (2012)

Gilbert Perez (2012*)

Alan Ratliff (2014)

Andrea Sharp (2014), VP Community Relations

Chris Silkwood (ND), VP Sponsorships

Kelly Simmons (ND), VP Information & Communications

Becky Standridge (2012)

Dave Steitz (2014), President-Elect, VP Events

Bart Truxillo (2012)

vacancy (2012*), VP Home Tours

(Number in parentheses is last year of term or ND for non-Director Officers; * marks interim appointees or terms ending early for other reasons.)

Constable Statistics

May June
Total Arrests 6 9
Citizen Assists 15 0
Citizen Contacts 38 96
Vacation Watches 168 66
Court Citations 70 145
Alarm Responses 9 8
Suspicious Vehicles 24 23
Park Checks 73 49
Disturbances 0 2
Major Accidents 2 0
Criminal Offenses 23 4
Miles patrolled 2,901 2,113


Our thanks to the following donors for their generous support of the programs of the Houston Heights Association.

  • Emily & Alan Bern - Donovan Park Playground
  • Stephen Brossart & Gerrod George - Boulevard
  • Rebecca & Gary Garverick - Flower Gardens
  • Josh & Nicole Grabow - Parks
  • Joy Lewallen - Boulevard

New Members

Please welcome the following new members to the Houston Heights Association.

  • Emily & Alan Bern
  • Joseph LeBoeuf
  • Keo & Robert Lukefahr
  • Frances & John Taplett
  • Michael Thomas

Bronze Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Summer 2012 Bronze Sponsors:

Boulevard Realty

Land Use Committee Report

by Bill Pellerin, HHA Land Use Chair

One of the functions of the Land Use Committee is getting information on land use and regulatory changes to members of the HHA so that the members are aware of pending or in-progress activities and can take action if necessary.

To that end, we now have a Yahoo! group called “Houston_Heights_Land_Use_Committee”. If you subscribe to the group, you will receive notifications of upcoming meetings of the LUC and the minutes of previous meetings. You will only receive a small number of emails through this process. To sign up, go to the group page, click on the [Join this Group] button, and follow the instructions for signing up.

The committee continues to pursue methods for providing you with earlier access to a monthly list of properties for which an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness has been filed. (CoA documents are required only in historic districts.) We are also asking the city to post CoA documents on a public web site so that you can read and understand these requests in advance of the HAHC (Houston Archeological and Historic Commission) meeting. We’re optimistic that the city’s Planning and Development Department will respond positively to our request for earlier access to the information you need to monitor activity in your neighborhood.

The Land Use Committee supports the adoption of Deed Restrictions. These are applied on a property-by-property basis. You can find out more about deed restrictions on the HHA web site at the Deed Restrictions page.

I-10 Frontage Road Update

information provided by the Texas Department of Transportation

A second lane was opened on the IH-10 west-bound feeder road (WBFR, north of the main lanes) from Shepherd to TC Jester on Wednesday, July 11. The following weekend, the new WBFR from Yale to Patterson was opened. The new Yale entrance ramp to IH-10 west-bound (WB) was opened using temporary pavement. The existing Studemont entrance to IH-10 WB was closed to begin reconstruction. The WB Heights exit ramp was shifted to a temporary location so the permanent WB Heights exit ramp can be reconstructed. Traffic wishing to enter IH-10 WB from Studemont will travel through the Heights and Yale intersections to the new entrance ramp near Patterson. The Heights exit and Studemont entrance ramps are expected to be complete by Thanksgiving.

The new east-bound feeder road (EBFR, south of the main lanes) from Patterson to Yale and the EB Yale exit were planned to open at the end of July. The date is dependent on the schedule for the Emergency Contract to repair the Houston Avenue Bridge over IH-10 (which happened the weekend of July 21-22).

The permanent EB Studemont exit should be open by the first part of August. Traffic is using a temporary exit ramp currently.

As of mid-July, the contractor was removing existing trees and concrete block retaining walls along the WB slopes between the main lanes and the frontage road and placing block sod and seeding. Landscaping in these areas will be done towards the end of the project.

Water line work on the EBFR between TC Jester and Durham began in early July, with an anticipated six-week duration for this work (putting expected completion in mid- to late August). Shortly after the waterline completion, the EBFR will be reduced to one lane from west of TC Jester to Patterson to begin storm sewer work and pavement reconstruction. The reconstruction of the IH-10 EBFR is estimated to take nine months.

Also as of mid-July, the contractor was working to complete the remaining pavement and retaining walls on the WBFR between Patterson and TC Jester.

The majority of the project is estimated to be complete next summer pending the completion of the detention ponds. Progress on the ponds has been delayed multiple times as various environmental problems have come to the surface, but appears to be back on track at this writing.

2012 Bicycle Rally & Scavenger Hunt

Are you getting ready for the 2012 Bicycle Rally & Scavenger Hunt? You don’t want to miss this fun event, so mark your calendar for Sunday, October 7, 2012.

The 20-mile Classic Route and the 5-mile Family Route are returning for your riding pleasure. Choose one or both routes and enjoy a self-paced ride while challenging your observation skills. Fun for the entire family is assured.

All riders are provided a scavenger hunt clue list describing mystery sights and objects that can be seen from the rally route. Prizes will be awarded to the person that finds the most mystery clues.

And at the end of the rally, relax with entertainment and refreshments at the Post Ride Party and Awards Ceremony in Marmion Park.

If you are interested in volunteering for this fun event, or donating door prizes or awards, call the Houston Heights Association at 713-861-4002, extension 6, or email

Watch the website and future newsletters for updated information.

GHSNC Officers 2012-2013

The Greater Heights Super Neighborhood Council elected Blake Masters as President and re-elected Don Hilber as Treasurer for two-year terms at its June 19 meeting. Blake replaces Mark Williamson, who served two terms and could not run again according to the GHSNC bylaws. Mark was elected to serve the remaining year of Blake’s term as Secretary. All three were installed at the July 17 meeting. Mary Abshier continues as Vice President.

Blake is the Delegate from the Montie Beach Civic Club. Mary is the Delegate from the Clark Pines Civic Association. Mark is the Delegate from the Houston Heights Association. Don is an Alternate Delegate from the Sunset Heights Civic Club.

News From The Library

Heights Neighborhood Library Book Sale

Start gathering your unneeded books to donate to the Rotary Club of Houston Heights’ annual Heights Library Book Sale to be held October 6 at the library, 1302 Heights Blvd.

Houston Public Library Unveils Mobile App

The Houston Public Library (HPL) has released a mobile app that gives customers on-the-go access to the catalog, account information, and reference services. The free app is available for smart phones (like the iPhone and Android devices); HPL is also offering a mobile web option for all other devices. Customers can download the app that best fits their devices from or access the mobile web version at

Pew Internet estimates that 69% of library customers use apps to access information. The HPL app will allow customers to obtain library information and interact with library services from their mobile devices. From the mobile app, customers can access the HPL catalog; check their accounts and renew materials; get information about locations and find the location closest to them; interact with reference librarians; search or browse the calendar of events; connect with HPL’s social media content, including blog posts; and more!

Calendar of Events for August–September 2012











2 - garbage and recycling




Deadline for next newsletter


HHA Land Use Committee, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP meeting, 7:00 PM, 1602 State Street


9 - garbage





HHA General Meeting “Urban Forest,” 7:00 PM, Fire Station



16 - garbage and recycling



electronics recycling, Center at Harvard



HHA Board Meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


Greater Heights SNC (SN15), 6:30 PM, Fire Station


23 - garbage







30 - garbage and recycling


September 1



Labor Day

HHA Land Use Committee, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP Meeting

7:00 PM

1602 State Street


Deadline for next newsletter

6 - garbage





HHA General Meeting “Paths to Pedals," 7:00 PM, Fire Station



13 - garbage and recycling


Deadline for signed candidate statements is 5:00 PM


Electronics recycling, Center at Harvard



HHA Board Meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


Greater Heights SNC (SN15), 6:30 PM, Fire Station


20 - garbage





HHA Education Committee, 6:30 PM, Fire Station



27 - garbage and recycling



HHA headquarters: The Fire Station is on the corner of Yale and 12th Streets.

Community Calendar

Events planned by other community organizations.

Every Saturday, 7:00 AM, Heights Running Club meets on the Heights Blvd jogging trail at 7th Street.

August 20, 6:30-7:30 PM, BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions will hold a Foster Introduction at the Heights Neighborhood Library, 1302 Heights Blvd. Those interested in fostering animals that need special care are invited to attend, call 713-229-7377, or visit the BARC website at

August 17-25, UpStage Theatre presents A Festival of Comedy at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. Four original comedies by Houston area playwrights. For more information, visit

September 27-29 and October 4-7, Opera in the Heights presents the Houston premiere of Rossini’s Otello at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information, visit

October 6, Rotary Club of Houston Heights annual book sale benefitting Heights Neighborhood Library, 1302 Heights Blvd,

November 27-29, Opera in the Heights presents Bellini’s I Capuleti e I Montecchi at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information, visit

January 31 and February 1-10, Opera in the Heights presents Verdi’s Macbeth at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information, visit

April 25-27 and May 2-5, Opera in the Heights presents Verdi’s Falstaff at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information, visit

Future History

October 7, Bicycle Rally

November 30 and December 1, Holiday Home Tour

December 10-12, Holiday Food Baskets


February 24, Awards Dinner

April 5-7, Spring Home Tour

June 1, Heights Fun Run

At The Properties

Events at the Houston Heights City Hall and Fire Station, Donovan Park, and Marmion Park

Heights Tai Chi Association meets Saturdays 9:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in Marmion Park, Heights at 18th.

Heavy Trash Notes

August is a “Junk Waste” month; September is a “Tree Waste Only” month. For dates in your area, visit the City Solid Waste site.

The Heights is published monthly by the Houston Heights Association. Its purpose is to acknowledge achievements and to inform HHA members of events.

Copyright © 2012, the Houston Heights Association and/or the authors unless otherwise noted.

Newsletter inquiries, suggestions, or submissions should be directed to:

Editor, The Heights, 107 W. 12th Street, Houston, TX 77008-6907;

email; or leave a message on 713-861-4002.

Staff and Contributors

Editor: Mark R. Williamson

Assistant Editor: Kathleen S. Williamson

August contributors:

Donna Bennett, Paul Carr, Lauriel Hindman, Bill Pellerin, Kelly Simmons, Lanna von Baden.

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