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Neighbors, HHA, and Developer Come Together Over Historic Bungalow

General Meeting - Passenger Rail

Letter to Developers

National Night Out

Battling Graffiti

Urban Forestry Skips August

Director Election Schedule

White Linen Night

Bike & Skate Rally Help Needed

Rose Garden


Travis Elementary Moving - Help Needed

June Board Summary

Team Hamilton Brings Home Champions

Recycling Contest Update

Opera in the Heights Season

Historic Houston Receives Award

New Members


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Newsletter of the Houston Heights Association
Volume Thirty-Two, Number Eight, August 2006
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Heights Neighbors, HHA, and Developer Come Together Over Historic Bungalow

We would like to thank Allegro Builders for responding to the neighbors’ and the Houston Heights Association’s wishes to save an 1894 bungalow from the wrecking ball.

Arlington Street neighbors noticed a demolition sign in front of the 1894 bungalow at 946 Arlington and went into action by posting protest signs and putting out a general call for help. Lambert G. Arceneaux, President and CEO of Allegro Builders, responded to the Houston Heights Association’s request for a meeting at the historic home and, during the meeting, agreed to sell the bungalow instead of tearing it down. The historic bungalow is now listed on the MLS at $275,000, and HHA would appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Houston Heights is enjoying a resurgence of beautiful new homes and bungalow restoration. Unfortunately, an average of 2.4 bungalows and other historic homes (over 50 years old) per week are being demolished or moved out of the Heights. At this rate, within ten years 1,248 homes will be lost forever. Your HHA board members are working towards current and future development in several ways.

First, Houston Heights Association board members and volunteers are working on two historical designations for the east and west sides of the Houston Heights. Volunteers are needed!

Second, the Association is inviting developers to meetings for sympathetic collaboration regarding new development and historical renovation. Allegro Builders’ agreement to save a historic bungalow along with their gracious offer to communicate with the Houston Heights Association regarding possible tear-downs proves that the neighbors, Heights developers, and the HHA can all come together and work toward the same goal: neighborhood compatibility through historical restoration and new construction to meet everyone’s needs. A copy of the invitation being sent to developers is reproduced below.

Other exciting news regarding the initiative to preserve the character of the Heights and its major trees and wildlife is that the closing for the sale of the property at 1414 Ashland, which the HHA purchased last year, is scheduled for July 31.

The lot is being sold with deed restrictions to ensure that only one house is built on this 11,000-square-foot lot and with tree preservation restrictions to safeguard the life of the 150-year-old live oaks, which are the annual nesting place of many pairs of yellow-crested night herons.

General Meeting to Host 290 Passenger Rail Coalition

“Houston, where 17 railroads meet the sea” was once the slogan that defined our city. One of these railroads was the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas (MKT) line, a part of which ran through Houston Heights. For those who moved into the Heights after 1998 when the trains ceased operation and the rails were taken up, it may be hard to imagine a lumbering diesel freight train crossing the Boulevard at 7th Street before cutting through the residential east side and on to downtown. The right-of-way was purchased from the last railroad owner, the Union Pacific, by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and has not been used since.

Even before freight rail service was discontinued, METRO had discussed with the Heights community the possibility of using this right-of-way for some sort of fixed rail public transit. Heights residents have expressed on numerous occasions during these discussions and studies that this right of way, especially the part east of the Boulevard, should be reserved for use by pedestrian and non-motorized vehicles. The new hike & bike trail along this route is the type of neighborhood-friendly amenity that residents continue to desire.

So, in the 2003 METRO Solutions transit referendum, Heights residents were pleased to see our views reflected in the proposed system. A commuter rail from the 290 area was included (yellow line on the first map; click map for larger version), but it stopped at METRO’s Northwest Transit Center.

However, the most current METRO Solutions map shows that the 290 commuter rail would use what appears to be the MKT right of way on its way to the north side of downtown (yellow line on second map; click map for larger version).

A major transit facility is being planned near the University of Houston Downtown campus that would accommodate commuter rail, light rail, and buses. For more information on the North Intermodal Transit Facility, see

When we contacted METRO about our neighborhood’s concerns, we were told that the “Inner Katy” area is much less of a long-range transit priority than the other corridors in the Solutions plan. And, regarding the commuter rail possibilities, there was an effort being coordinated by the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce to plan and construct the 290 line.

This group, the 290 Passenger Rail Coalition, will be presenting their plans for commuter rail from the far northwest part of the county to downtown at the August 14 General Meeting. This is an opportunity for us “downstream stake-holders” to voice our opinion on the route that should (or should not) be taken.

Letter to Developers

The following letter is being sent to Heights builders, developers, realtors, and others involved in the development of the Heights.

Dear (Builder, Developer, Realtor or other player)

As you are an important player in the current and future development of the Houston Heights, we value your opinion as to the direction that development should take. To that end, we would like to meet with you to discuss ideas and potential incentives for our mutual benefit.

One of the main attractions of investing and living in the Heights is its very special character, and the Houston Heights Association is committed to preserving and enhancing this character: the form, scale, and materials of the early 20th Century homes and buildings; the magnificent trees on both private and public property; and the tree-lined streets. This is why we are particularly concerned that, in the past year, an average of 2.4 historic homes (over 50 years old) per week in the Heights area have been demolished or moved to other sites outside the neighborhood. In the next ten years, at this rate, 1,248 more houses would be demolished or moved away, the equivalent of all the homes on forty-five Heights blocks! To accommodate construction or house moving, major trees are often cut down. Only rarely does the conservation of trees appear to be a priority. The very aspects of the Heights that have encouraged the remarkable comeback of the area are being destroyed by the prosperity of the regeneration. This frequently has negative consequences for both residents and those in the investment, realty, and building business.

There is an evident demand for larger homes, and we have seen the new home size in the Heights increase greatly over the last few years. But there is also a demand for smaller homes near the city center, a location that we are all fortunate to share. We are also aware that in many demonstrable cases, older Heights houses have been remodeled and enlarged in a way that is compatible in character to the neighborhood and that the value of these houses has been substantially enhanced.

Because of this, we are convinced that, with the sympathetic collaboration of those involved in the development of our neighborhood, market demands can be satisfied and the special character of the Heights can be preserved. We feel strongly that you will want to join with us in this important initiative. We look forward to meeting with you and will phone you shortly to arrange an appointment.


Robin Franklin, President

cc: Mayor White, Adrian Garcia, All Council Members, State Rep. Farrar, City Planning Department, Houston Archeological and Historical Commission, Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee, home builders associations, realty associations, GHBC, APA, AIA, RDA

August 1 Is National Night Out

National Night Out 2006 is set for Tuesday, August 1 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. We encourage individual blocks or small areas to plan local events.

The Milroy Park Advisory Committee and the Houston Heights Association are cosponsoring a neighborhood-wide get-together from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Milroy Park (on 12th Street across Yale from the Fire Station). Please drop by the park for some ice cream and toppings before or after your local event.

National Night Out (NNO) 2005 involved 34.8 million people in 10,750 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, many Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide. National Night Out 2006 is expected to be the largest ever. NNO is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch in partnership with Target and the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community relations; and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and are fighting back.

Along with the traditional display of front porch outdoor lights and front porch outdoor vigils, cities, towns, and neighborhoods celebrate National Night out with a variety of special citywide and neighborhood events such as block parties, cookouts, parades, festivals, visits from local law enforcement, safety fairs, and youth events.

The City of Houston and Houston Police Department have been taking part in National Night Out for 23 years and have won numerous awards for large-city participation.

Please visit for national information and for citywide information.

Battling Graffiti

Graffiti Guy, Paul Luccia, has worked so hard abating graffiti that he burned out his sprayer. The Houston Heights Association is outfitting Paul with a new, heavy-duty commercial sprayer along with a $500 cash donation for more paint and supplies. Many thanks to Grogan Building Supply at 2419 Yale for allowing the Heights Association to purchase the commercial sprayer at cost.

Please note that Paul has a new address for graffiti matters:

If you would like to get involved in neighborhood issues regarding graffiti and crime, please attend our Crime & Security Committee meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Heights Fire Station at Yale and 12th Streets at 6:30 PM. Meet your neighbors, keep up with the latest activity in the Heights, and learn what you can do to help keep our neighborhood safe.

Urban Forestry Skips August

The next Heights Urban Forestry meeting will be on Tuesday, September 5, 6:30 PM at the Fire Station. Learn how to register your champion tree with Diane Shenky of the Park People. Visit to see the Harris County Tree Registry. Did you know that The Heights has the most 100-year-old Champion Trees in Houston?

Platinum Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association is proud to have the following 2006 Platinum sponsors:

Director Election Schedule

Six of the fifteen positions on the HHA Board of Directors will be filled by election over the next few months. Five positions are opening due to normal expiration of terms; members elected to these five positions will have three-year terms. The sixth position is for the last two years of a term ended by resignation. The five nominees receiving the highest numbers of votes will fill the three-year terms; the nominee receiving the sixth-highest vote count will fill the two-year vacancy.

The schedule for the election of six Directors to serve terms starting in 2007 will be as follows, per the By-Laws and Policies of the Association:

• September 11, Nominations for Board of Directors will be held at the General Meeting. Nominators and nominees must be current members of the Association. Nominators may speak for two minutes, seconders for one. Please be sure beforehand that your nominee is willing to commit to serve.

• By September 15, the Election Committee will distribute to nominees election packets containing bylaws, policies, articles of incorporation, committee responsibility list, detailed election schedule, and a statement confirming that the nominee has read the bylaws and policies and agrees to serve in accordance with them if elected.

• By September 18, signed confirmation statements from nominees due, as well as a 50-word statement from each nominee for publication in October newsletter.

• October 9, nominees or representatives may speak on their qualifications at General Meeting for 3 minutes. They will also draw for ballot positions.

• By October 10, the Election Committee will mail a ballot to each member whose dues are current as of October 1.

• By November 11 at the close of the post office, ballots returned by mail must be received with control numbers intact.

• November 13, polls will be open for secret balloting in person from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM before the General Meeting. The Election Committee will tabulate ballots and announce the results.

Rose Garden

by Cynthia Corn Parker

Summer has arrived at the Rose Garden with a full display of the Rudbeckias and Bat-Face Cuphea taking center stage. The beautiful white Shasta Daisies and the Seashell Cosmos have taken a break from the heat. Several plants, Early Sunrise Coreopsis and Procumbens Starlet Cuphea have drastically protested the amount of water necessary for the roses. In the perimeter beds, the Philippine Lilies and pink Pentas are outstanding.

A big thank you to volunteer Greg Yokel (right) for helping to cement the pillar frames for the Dutchman’s Pipe and purple Passion Vine. Dutchman’s Pipe is a favorite of the Polydamas butterfly and the Gulf Fritillary cannot resist the Passion Vine. We have seen caterpillars of each munching away; they soon will become beautiful butterflies flitting about in the Rose Garden. Yes, the Monarchs are still very busy with the Mexican Milkweed as their host plant. PLEASE do not pick the caterpillars from the plants. The plants will recover all of their foliage.

The Rose Garden was visited by an unknown garden fairy who pulled weeds from the center bed, and I am crossing my fingers that the fairy will come to help another time.

Alas, we had another fairy who decided that Dame De Coeur (left) should grace their garden. This has to be one of the healthiest, most pest-free roses that I have grown in my personal garden and was a first choice to place in the Rose Garden. “Here today, gone tomorrow” may become the new motto for the Rose Garden! A web cam would be so much fun!!

During the hot summer months, general upkeep on the weeds and dead heading will be the order of the day. As always, you have an open invitation to help or to donate money to our beautiful Rose Garden. Contact Jim Bennett, Blvd. Chair at or me at

Summary of June Board Meeting

by Janet Buchheit, Secretary

Joellen Snow called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM on June 19, 2006. May Minutes were approved. Jim Potter reported that the Fun Run brought in about $10,000 and that the turnout was larger this year. The Board noted its appreciation that security for the event was donated.

The Historic Districts Task Force Committee reported that the removal and demolition of houses contributing to the historic character of the Heights is increasing at an alarming rate. A poster showing the locations where demolition and removal permits have been issued since November 2005 is displayed. A poster showing the residents who have signed in support of the East and West Historic Districts is displayed. A Special Board Meeting will be held on July 9 to discuss this subject.

The Newsletter transition to e-mail rather than hard copy is discussed. E-mail addresses have been gathered and for those who do not have e-mail, hardcopies of the newsletter will be made available. The Board discussed publishing a special edition of the newsletter at some point during the year to update the membership on what HHA does for the neighborhood.

Tree restrictions and deed restrictions have been signed and recorded for 1414 Ashland. The closing of the sale should be very soon.

Under New Business a policy change to the HHA By-laws is discussed. It is proposed that two members of the same household should not serve on the HHA Board of Directors. Among the reasons given is that each household membership receives only one vote when it comes to electing Board Members. If two members of the same household serve on the Board this means that that membership is allowed two votes at Board meetings. Other pros and cons are discussed and when the vote is taken on the change, the motion fails and the policy is not changed.

Taylor Moore needs help with the Membership Drive. Welcome packets will be distributed to new homeowners in the Heights, and the September General Meeting will be conducted as an Open House. Prior to the August General Meeting, Jim DePitts will be handing out flyers to property owners that are along the MKT right of way which is the topic of that meeting. A public-relations person is being sought for the Holiday Home Tour. Recycling in the Heights is discussed. At future HHA events, special recycling boxes will be available. An article will run in the Newsletter to encourage curbside recycling.

Volunteers are needed for Tree Count Day on Saturday, July 29. Angela DeWree chairs this committee. Jonathan Smulian and Kelly Simmons attended the kick-off meeting. The San Jacinto Girl Scouts are partnering with HHA; the City of Houston will provide promotional flyers; and area merchants will participate by donating refreshments and/or materials.

Nomination of candidates to replace Board Members who have resigned should be provided to Robin Franklin prior to the July Board Meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

White Linen Night

Make sure your calendars are marked: August 5, 6:00-10:00 PM. Slip into your favorite cool white linen attire and join the celebration. Join the Heights community and friends to enjoy art, culture, and community. We now have 50-something Heights-area supporters and participants: art, live entertainment, galleries, restaurants, fabulous retail, and Yale Street Arts Market. PediCabs, trolleys, Lone Star cabs, and White Linen signature drink stations are among the ways to celebrate our eclectic Heights neighborhood. Represented are White Oak, Studewood, Yale, 11th Street, 19th Street, Waugh, and more.

Free admission. Free trolleys. Complimentary hospitality receptions throughout the event. Restaurants, galleries, and retail shops open for visiting and shopping. Go to and click on the White Linen Night link for more information.

Heights Bike and Skate Rally Committee Needs Your Help

The small group of HHA members that makes up the Bike & Skate Rally Committee has been working for six months to organize the HHA’s first Heights Bike and Skate Rally. Now the committee needs help from the general membership to promote and produce the event.

Promotion: The committee has created a rally brochure that describes the event and contains a registration form. If you would like some brochures to distribute to your friends and fellow workers, contact Genie Mims, Rally Publicity Chair, at 832-466-6674 or She also needs the address of locations to place brochures. Registration and information is available at

Volunteers: Like the Home Tour, the Bike Rally will need many volunteers on the day of the event. If you can volunteer to work a three-hour shift at one of the rally’s three check points, contact David Cassidy at 713-868-1124 or Volunteers are also needed to help with setting up, judging, and selling rally merchandise.

Prizes and Underwriting: The committee needs merchandise prizes and certificates to award for the scavenger hunt and the prize drawings. We need a business to underwrite the drinking water that will be handed out at checkpoint-rest stops. To donate prizes, contact Pamela Kunkemoeller, Prize Chair, at 713-426-3582 or

For other rally details, contact Paul Carr, Rally Chairman, at 713-869-0505 or


Our thanks to the following for their generous support of the projects of the Association.

Tom & Dana Bellow - Parks Maintenance

Noris & Alice Butts

Design Works, Januari Works - Flower Gardens

ExxonMobil Foundation in recognition of volunteer Jim Bennett

Nancy Pittman - Parks Maintenance

Troy Troxell - Parks Maintenance, Beautification, Flower Gardens

Kae Velmeden

Help Needed At Travis Elementary

by Sean Haley

The new Travis Elementary will open for class Monday, August 14, and we need your help getting it ready for the first day of school!

On Friday, August 11, volunteers are needed to work one-on-one with a teacher or staff member to unpack boxes and ready the new rooms. The work isn’t difficult, but it will require a dedicated and focused group of parents, friends, and others who will work together to make Travis Elementary history.

As contractors will be working on the final details of the building, and given the amount of work must be accomplished, we are kindly asking that children stay at home.

If you know of, or are part of, a group that needs to earn hours toward a community service goal, this would be a perfect opportunity. In an effort to be as efficient as possible, volunteers will be assigned to one teacher and/or staff member. Even if you are only available for part of the day, please don’t hesitate to volunteer. Your generous offer to help will gladly be accepted!

To make the day easier, lunch and snacks will be provided. If you have time to offer, please call me at 713-880-1238 or email me at today and sign up.

Team Hamilton Brings Home National Champions

Nine present and former Hamilton Middle School students and their coach spent July 5-8 in Knoxville, Tennessee at the AAU National Taekwondo Championship. “Team Hamilton” is a part of the Chuck Norris Kick Start program offered at various middle schools during the school year. When the team returned to Houston, all 10 members were National Champions.

Altogether, Team Hamilton earned 14 National Medals:

  • Adreanna Broussard - 3rd Sparring/2nd Forms
  • Acicei Carranza - 3rd Sparring/2nd Forms
  • Trey Coy - 2nd Sparring
  • Cordie Collins - 3rd Sparring
  • Cristina Coy - 2nd Sparring
  • Kathlene Gibbs - 1st Sparring
  • Rachel Mackert - 3rd Sparring
  • Sindy Saldaña - 2nd Sparring/1st Forms
  • Naiem Tabibzadegan - 1st Sparring/3rd Forms
  • Coach John Mueller - 2nd Sparring

“These students worked very hard, and I am extremely proud of them. We would like to thank everyone who helped us get to the national tournament through our many fundraisers,” states Coach Mueller. Besides support from the Hamilton administration, staff, PTO and Karate Booster Club, the team also received donations from Heights businesses including The Artful Corner art gallery, Karen Derr & Associates realtors, and Fiesta and HEB grocery stores.

(Back, L to R) A. Broussard, C. Collins, A. Carranza, S. Saldaña, C. Coy, R. Mackert, K. Gibbs (Front, L to R) N. Tabibzadegan, Coach Mueller, T. Coy

Bronze Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association is proud to have the following Summer 2006 Bronze Sponsors:

Recycling Contest Update

After we sent out our July issue, two readers wrote in with questions about the City’s recycling contest and recycling in general. One pointed out that there are many other ways to participate in recycling and wondered whether material taken to the Center Street and Harvard drop-off center counted for the contest. The other questioned our note that the area between Oxford and Studewood south of 11th was not included in the recycling program, as it has been included since the start of the program. We asked the Solid Waste Department office running the contest about both these issues.

Since the purpose of the competition is to increase participation in the curbside recycling pickup program in specific, they are not counting drop-off recycling in the competition or in deciding which areas to drop from the curbside pickup to allow new areas.

A City representative said, “Materials brought to drop-off centers such as Center Street, Westpark, or school drop-off will not be considered as part of the competition. A participation and weight study of each curbside recycling neighborhood was conducted prior to the Mayor’s announcement of the Go Green Houston program. The surveys that will be done will mirror the first survey to determine the base rate.”

Our description of the area covered came from maps on the Solid Waste web site. The maps were in error; they fooled even the people running the contest.

The same City representative said, “I shared the question regarding the boundaries with our Recycling Staff. I have been told there was an oversight on our part. The area between Oxford and Studewood should have been included on our collection maps. On the next collection day, (July 24, 2006) we will perform a count within those boundaries and adjust our numbers accordingly. We really appreciate the responsiveness of the customer to bring this matter to our attention.” We have confirmed that the maps for ZIP codes 77007 and 77008 have been corrected to include the area.

Historic Houston Receives Award

Historic Houston, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Houston’s architectural resources, has been selected as a winner of the 2006 Outstanding Environmental Leadership Award by the Recycling Alliance of Texas. Historic Houston’s Relocation and Salvage Programs were selected for the outstanding contribution these two programs have made in the area of construction and demolition debris reuse and recycling for the State of Texas.

The Recycling Alliance of Texas presents these awards to recognize the outstanding contributions made by individuals, communities, and businesses in developing and maintaining programs involving recycling, integrated solid waste management, and environmental education. The Recycling Alliance of Texas will honor the 2006 Environmental Leadership Award winners at their 9th Annual Texas Recycling and Sustainability Summit to be held in Corpus Christi August 26-30.

Historic Houston’s Relocation and Salvage Programs

Historic Houston initiated its Relocation Program as a proactive approach to preserving Houston’s vernacular architecture. Since 2002, Historic Houston’s Relocation Program has successfully relocated and recycled 24 historic homes to provide affordable housing throughout Houston. Historic Houston’s Relocation Program has gained national recognition as an innovative approach that reduces construction and demolition waste while providing an alternative solution that addresses the need for affordable housing. Recycling historic houses into affordable homes allows the vernacular architecture to be preserved and makes sense environmentally as well as financially.

Historic Houston’s Salvage Program reclaims historic building materials from houses slated for demolition that could not be relocated. Historic Houston’s salvage crew deconstructs and removes the valuable structural and non-structural historic building components, such as doors, windows, floors, interior shiplap, and exterior siding as well as all light and plumbing fixtures, to divert this material from entering Texas landfills. Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse provides an outlet for the public to purchase this material and encourages the reuse and recycling of a wide variety of items. Historic Houston’s Relocation and Salvage Programs clearly demonstrate the environmental benefits derived from the circular system of recycling and reuse, rather than the waste-producing system of consuming new material that feeds itself.

To learn more about Historic Houston or The Recycling Alliance of Texas, visit their websites:

Opera Season Announced

Opera in the Heights’ 2006-2007 season opens Thursday, September 21, 2006, and runs through March 31, 2007. The announcement was made by the company’s new managing director, Roy Hughes.

The company’s 11th season is marked by the celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 250th birthday with two of his masterpieces: “Don Giovanni” and “Die Entführung aus dem Serail.” Opera lovers will also take pleasure in the genius and beauty of Verdi’s “Rigoletto” and Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’amore.” This superb lineup of favorites is presented in European-styled Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Boulevard in Houston.

All four operas, sung in the original language with English surtitles, will be performed under the direction of the company’s artistic director, William Weibel.

“Opera in the Heights approaches its 11th season with high expectations. No fewer than 29 new singers will debut on the OH stage in four productions,” said Weibel. “The season promises to be full of wonderful singing.”

Individual tickets and season subscriptions can be purchased at or by contacting Opera in the Heights’ office, 1703 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas, 713-861-5303.

The Operas

Rigoletto, Verdi - September 21-23 and 28-30, 2006, 8:00 PM. One of Verdi’s biggest successes from the beginning, Rigoletto received over 300 performances the first 10 years of its life. The tragic jester, the libertine antihero, the guileless heroine, and the evil assassin are among the most vivid creations in all of opera.

Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Abduction from the Seraglio), Mozart - November 9-11 and 16-18, 2006, 7:30 PM. The most popular of Mozart’s operas during his lifetime, this work demonstrates his mastery of German music theatre. New English dialogue by Maestro Weibel moves the action.

L’Elisir d’amore (Elixir of Love), Donizetti - January 25-27 and February 1-3, 2007, 7:30 PM. Perhaps the most popular of Donizetti’s operas, “Elisir d’amore” is certainly the most popular with tenors. The tunes tumble over one another as the evening gets better and better. The smooth-talking Dulcamara sells his elixir with champagne bubbles on his tongue.

Don Giovanni, Mozart - March 22-24 and 29-31, 2007, 7:30 PM. One Mozart opera is not enough to celebrate his birth. Why not celebrate with two and present what is considered by many the greatest of all operas? Every conceivable emotion is packed into this work whose action spans a time frame of 24 hours.

New Members

Please welcome the following new or returning members to the Houston Heights Association.

Design Works, Januari Works, ASID

Linda Siemers

Karl Williams

Calendar of Events for August-September 2006











National Night Out - see article.

No Urban Forestry meeting


HHA Historic District Task Force, 6:30 PM, Fire Station




Heights 1st Saturday

White Linen Night 6-10 PM - see article.


7 - recycling

HHA Land Use, 6:30 PM, Fire Station



HHA Bike & Skate Rally meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station






HHA General Meeting "Commuter Rail," 7:00 PM, Fire Station





Deadline for September newsletter



21 - recycling

HHA Board meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


HHA Crime & Security, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP meeting, 6:30 PM, 170 Heights






HHA Education, 7:00 PM, Fire Station




September 1


Heights 1st Saturday


4 - Labor Day

HHA Land Use, 6:30 PM, Fire Station

5 - recycling

HHA Urban Forestry, 6:30 PM, Fire Station







HHA General Meeting - Director Nominations, 7:00 PM, Fire Station



HHA Bike & Skate Rally meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station



Deadline for October newsletter



18 - recycling

HHA Board meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station








HHA Education, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


HHA Crime & Security, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP meeting, 6:30 PM, 170 Heights




HHA headquarters: The Fire Station is on the corner of Yale and 12th Streets.

Community Calendar

Events planned by other community organizations.

Every Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Saturday, August 5 and 19, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Saturday, September 2 and 16, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

September 21-23 and 28-30, Opera in the Heights presents Rigoletto by Verdi at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information or tickets, visit or call 713-861-5303.

Saturday, October 7 and 21, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Saturday, November 4 and 18, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

November 9-11 and 16-18, Opera in the Heights presents Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio at Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd. For more information or tickets, visit or call 713-861-5303.

Future History

October 15, Bicycle/Skate Rally

December 1-2, Holiday Home Tour

December 11-13, Holiday Food Baskets

February 25, Awards Dinner

April 13-15, Spring Home Tour

June 3, Fun Run

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August contributors:

Janet Buchheit, Paul Carr, Jim DePitts, Angela Dewree, Lynn Edmundson, Susan Love Fitts, Robin Franklin, Sean Haley, Lauriel Hindman, Karen Mann, Irene Nava, Cynthia Corn Parker, Dan Sessions.