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Newsletter of the Houston Heights Association
Volume Thirty-Two, Number Seven, July 2006
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Let’s Recycle More! Let’s Win!

The City of Houston curbside recycling has come a long way since the pilot phase kickoff in 1990 with 27,000 households. Houston Heights is proud to be one of the neighborhoods that volunteered to test the concept, and we remain part of the 152,000 households covered by the program by 2004. Unfortunately, the program seems to be losing momentum.

Many of you have recently received a letter from Mayor White about the declining percent of participation in the program. Citywide, only one in five eligible households is taking advantage of curbside recycling. The letter raises the possibility that Houston Heights may lose its recycling pick-up service in favor of neighborhoods that have been waiting for service.

Let’s not let that happen!

Most of the Houston Heights Association area is in the program now. The area served runs from Shepherd to Studewood and from North Loop 610 to I-10, but it excludes the corner south of 11th and east of Oxford.

If you live in the area served, please use the curbside pick-up service and encourage your neighbors to do so as well. If your recycling bin has disappeared or you need a second one, you should be able to get one through the City’s 311 Help Line or their web site; be sure to get a Service Request number to track your request.

As an added incentive for neighborhoods to raise their participation levels, the City is sponsoring a competition among areas currently in the curbside program. Areas will be scored based on participation rate and amount of recyclables. The area with the highest score and the most improved area will each win a $5,000 cash prize to be used on neighborhood improvements.

Curbside recycling allows residents to recycle:

• Paper, including newspaper, magazines, telephone books, corrugated cardboard, mail;

• Metal, such as aluminum and tin cans;

• Plastics #1 and #2, like soft drink, milk, and water containers (with a recycling symbol around a number to indicate the type of plastic, usually on the bottom of the item);

• Used oil with screw-on tops, placed next to the bin.

Although glass is not picked up curbside, food and beverage bottles and jars are accepted at neighborhood recycling drop-off sites, such as the one at 3603 Center Street (entrance on Harvard). Paper, plastic #1 and #2, aluminum and tin cans, and corrugated cardboard boxes are also accepted there, but do not count toward the competition.

Thanks to Heights neighbor Mary Lawton, whose note inspired this article. She says “Ask for paper bags at the market and then use them to put out your paper stuff. It’s really easy once you get into the swing of it. You will be amazed at how your trash level goes down. It’s a tiny bit more work on your part but once you get going it’s no big deal. We could do something cool with the $5,000.”

Volunteers recycling at the Fun Run

HHA volunteers recycling after the 2006 Fun Run.

Recycling resources on the web:

Recycling Area Maps and Schedules by ZIP Code

From the website, appears that 77007 & 77008 have the same pickup dates: July 10, 24, August 7, 21, September [4], 18, October 2, 16, 30, November 13, 27, December 11, [25], January 8, 22, February 5, 19, March 5, 19, April 2, 16, 30, May 14, [28], June 11, 25. (Dates in brackets are City holidays; Solid Waste services are provided the following day.) We are now noting those dates on the newsletter calendar. If you live in a different ZIP, please check the City web site noted above.

• To obtain a recycling bin, call 311, complete online service request form, or try this shortcut to recycling bin request

Items acceptable for recycling

Yard trimmings recycling info

July General Meeting

Our guest speaker on Monday, July 10 at 7:00 PM will be David Proctor of the Harris County Tax Office. He will give us a legislative update and discuss tax breaks for seniors and historic homes.

Learn about what the new state legislation means for your property taxes.

Learn about exemptions available to those over 65, including tax deferral that allows you to stay in your home and not pay any property taxes until your home is sold.

Learn about the City of Houston ad valorem tax abatement (for 15 years) available to owners of City of Houston historic houses (homestead or commercial) when you have invested money for improvements (not just restoration) of your property. (This is an important issue in light of the historic districts being petitioned for by your neighbors. It applies to any “contributing” or “potentially contributing” house in a City of Houston historic district or any City of Houston individual Landmark).

August General Meeting

Will there be a train on the old MKT right of way next to the new hike & bike trail? We asked METRO for an answer and were told to speak to the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce. Confused? No need to be.

The August 14 General Meeting will feature a presentation by the 290 Passenger Rail Coalition, a part of the Cy-Fair Chamber. Find out how their plans for commuter rail may affect Houston Heights. More information about this important issue will be included in the August newsletter. Also, see

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Holiday Home Tour Needs You!

by Sharie Beale, Holiday Tour Chair

The Heights Holiday Home Tour “A Dickens Christmas” needs you! Let us list the ways...

Mr. Fezziwig's BallWe need volunteers to be performers / Dickens characters in costume such as urchins (“alms, please”), Artful Dodgers, Oliver Twists, men and women in Victorian garb, ladies selling violets (in this case mistletoe) just like Eliza Doolittle (not really Dickens, but close). We need musicians - harp, violin, guitar, three piece string group, carolers, and Madrigal Singers. (If it rains, the group needs to be small enough to move into the house.)

A Dickens Christmas Market: Vendors, we have 19 booths for hire! Come in costume and join the fun! Please submit photo of your wares as intended for the holiday market for committee approval and selection. (Prices and conditions will be most reasonable for M’Lord and Lady.)

Our Beloved Heights Artists: Just one small handmade Christmas ornament (no wreaths or trees this year) donated for the Houston Heights Association booth would please us greatly!

“More, Please”: Food and drink vendors, please submit your ideas for a light repast in keeping with the times.

Docents by the Dozens needed, One and All for All Things Considered!

Please e-mail

Merchants, Artists, and Crafters

Sign up now for the Christmas Market! Don’t be left out of this fun event. This event will take place the same time as the Holiday Home Tour. We are offering 19 booths at the Heights Fire Station, each 10x10 feet. Contact for more information and prices. This is a fundraiser for the Heights and Christmas sales for you!

Platinum Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association is proud to have the following 2006 Platinum sponsors:

Historic District Volunteers Needed:
2.4 Houses Are Demolished Each Week In The Houston Heights Area

by Sharie and David Beale

Your neighbors need help to get signatures on the applications for historical districts in Houston Heights while there is still some historic Houston Heights to preserve.

An extraordinary number of our historic homes have been demolished or moved out of the area of the Houston Heights Association in the last year - over 126 houses were lost, an astounding average of over two houses demolished or removed per week, according to information on the City’s website, as researched by Mark Williamson, Sheila Sorvari, Janice Evans, and us. A vast majority of the houses were over 80 years old. A partial list of those houses is at the end of this article.

The City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance will provide some protection when the Houston Heights Historical District West and Houston Heights Historical District East are accepted as City of Houston Historical Districts.

67% of the property owners in each district must sign the blue signature pages before the historical district applications can be filed with the City. That is about 900 signatures in the east district and 320 in the west district. Only about 10 of us are working on this at any one time. We are working hard, but we need help to get signatures. The sooner we in Houston Heights can get this done, the more of the historic Houston Heights we can save.

Here are ways you can help:

(1) Sign and send in your blue signature page to Houston Heights Historic Districts, P. O. Box 70735, Houston, Texas 77270. Call 713-426-3240 if you cannot find your blue signature page.

(2) Volunteer to be a block captain for your block or volunteer to get your neighbors’ signatures. Call 713-426-3240 for more information or to volunteer.

(3) Volunteer to host a block party for your block. Historical district volunteers will provide the goodies and the historical district expertise. Call 713-426-3240.

The tentative boundaries of the east district are roughly 22nd Street to 5th Street and Heights Blvd. to Oxford. The west district boundaries are roughly 16th Street to 11th Street and Allston to Ashland.

We believe that becoming City of Houston historical districts will preserve the historic character of Houston Heights, stabilize the neighborhood, and deter demolition of historic buildings.

Sharie Beale Named to HAHC

Sharie Beale was appointed to the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission on June 21 by unanimous vote of Houston City Council. District H City Councilman Adrian Garcia nominated her for the position.

Sharie is Co-Chair of our Historic District Task Force and Chair of the 2006 Holiday Home Tour. HAHC, an 11-member board, makes recommendations to City Council on historic properties,and reviews requests for historic district designations, landmark and archaeological sites, and certificates of appropriateness.

Congratulations, Sharie!

August 1 Is National Night Out

National Night Out 2006 is set for Tuesday, August 1 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. We encourage individual blocks or small areas to plan local events.

National Night Out (NNO) 2005 involved 34.8 million people in 10,750 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, many Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide. National Night Out 2006 is expected to be the largest ever. NNO is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch in partnership with Target and the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community relations; and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and are fighting back.

Along with the traditional display of front porch outdoor lights and front porch outdoor vigils, cities, towns, and neighborhoods celebrate National Night out with a variety of special citywide and neighborhood events such as block parties, cookouts, parades, festivals, visits from local law enforcement, safety fairs, and youth events.

The City of Houston and Houston Police Department have been taking part in National Night Out for 23 years and have won numerous awards for large-city participation.

Planning was underway at press time for a possible neighborhood-wide event. Watch for more information. Meanwhile, start talking to your neighbors and planning an event on your block.

Please visit for national information and for citywide information.

Neighbors at Milroy Park Community Center during National Night Out 2005.

Late-Breaking News From Crime/Security

The pilot area for the Constable Patrol Program has been extended southward to the I-10 north frontage road. The deadline to sign up for the pilot program will be August 1.

The gates of Donovan Park are again being locked at night by a rotating group of volunteers. The park’s hours of operation are posted on the gate.

Here is a partial list of recently demolished or moved mostly historic buildings:

  • 1318 Alexander
  • 1515 Alexander
  • 711 1/2 Algregg
  • 715 Algregg
  • 622 Arlington
  • 644 Arlington
  • 644A Arlington
  • 702 Arlington
  • 839 Arlington
  • 1148 Arlington
  • 1215 Arlington
  • 1534 Arlington
  • 1603 Arlington
  • 1618 Arlington
  • 1811 Arlington
  • 1815 Arlington
  • 1817 Arlington
  • 835 Ashland
  • 1320 Ashland
  • 1322 Ashland
  • 1428 Ashland
  • 1545 Ashland
  • 1801 Ashland
  • 318 Aurora
  • 506 Aurora
  • 518 Aurora
  • 702 Columbia
  • 1014 Columbia
  • 1208 Columbia
  • 1240 Columbia
  • 1612 Columbia
  • 2220 Columbia
  • 2248 Columbia
  • 433 Cortlandt
  • 533 Cortlandt
  • 631 Cortlandt
  • 631 1/2 Cortlandt
  • 928 Cortlandt
  • 1121 Cortlandt
  • 1222 Cortlandt
  • 909 Dorothy
  • 1037 Dorothy
  • 1341 Dorothy
  • 615 East 6th 1/2
  • 516 East 8th
  • 726 East 8th
  • 625 East 8th 1/2
  • 724 East 9th
  • 630 East 10th
  • 710 1/2 East 10th
  • 608 East 10th 1/2
  • 614 East 10th 1/2
  • 404 East 12th
  • 417 East 16th
  • 419 East 16th
  • 611 East 16th
  • 708 East 21st
  • 123 East 22nd
  • 125 East 22nd
  • 129 East 22nd
  • 133 East 22nd
  • 625 East 22nd
  • 311 East 23rd
  • 418 East 24th
  • 604 East 24th
  • 405 East 25th
  • 602 East 25th
  • 507 East 26th
  • 124 East 28th
  • 1445 Hall Place
  • 1436 Harvard
  • 430 Heights
  • 809 Heights
  • 1121 Heights
  • 1135 Heights
  • 1406 Heights
  • 1436 Heights
  • 903 Herkimer
  • 1029 Herkimer
  • 731 Lawrence
  • 913 Lawrence
  • 1527 Lawrence
  • 707 Nicholson
  • 709 Nicholson
  • 814 Nicholson
  • 922 Nicholson
  • 926 Nicholson
  • 928 Nicholson
  • 1528 Nicholson
  • 422 Oxford
  • 532 Oxford
  • 747 Oxford
  • 2202 Oxford
  • 2204 Oxford
  • 630 Rutland
  • 1113 Rutland
  • 1119 Rutland
  • 2014 Singleton
  • 1209 Tulane
  • 1324 Tulane
  • 1517 Tulane
  • 1532 Tulane
  • 931 Waverly
  • 1014 Waverly
  • 1211 Waverly
  • 1223 Waverly
  • 1226 Waverly
  • 1534 Waverly
  • 1005 West 9th
  • 117 West 10th
  • 205 West 16th
  • 402 West 16th
  • 507 West 16th
  • 511 West 16th
  • 821 West 17th
  • 830 West 18th
  • 809 West 20th
  • 616 West 21st
  • 819 West 21st
  • 433 West 27th
  • 520 West 27th
  • 540 West 27th
  • 312 West 28th
  • 318 West 28th
  • 714 Wilder
  • 717 Yale

Bronze Sponsors

The Houston Heights Association is proud to have the following Summer 2006 Bronze Sponsors:

2006 Fun Run

first runner crosses the finish lineA big “thank you” to everyone who volunteered for our 2006 Fun Run! Volunteers started showing up on Heights Boulevard at 5:45 AM, and everyone and everything just seemed to fall into place. Constable Jack Abercia’s Precinct One Constables closed Heights Boulevard down. Local DJ Peter Manry, Other Brother, kicked the party atmosphere off early. Seasoned Race Manager Howie Ryan started the race at approximately 7:30 AM.

start of the Kids 1KMore than 912 racers and 84 kids signed up to run, and over 50 people volunteered. Because of the support of the racers and volunteers, as well as the support of our sponsors, the Houston Heights Association will be able to continue to support Donovan and Marmion Parks, the Heights Boulevard beautification project, the Heights Fire Station, and many of our other projects, including educational funding for local teachers.

Next year’s race will change to 5-year age groups instead of ten year groups. Our Fun Run Committee is working on the 2007 Run now. We had a lot of fun this year and hope to see you next year!

White Linen Night

Join your neighbors for art, culture, community. White Linen Night will be August 5 from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.

Gathering a big head of steam, White Linen volunteers are signing up more and more participants and underwriters. PediCab sponsors, White Linen Signature Drink Stations, Trolley Stops, galleries and studios, eclectic shops, boutiques, and restaurants - new and established - most featuring local and regional artists on a night to see the neighborhood as never before. Sponsors include White Oak, Studewood, 11th St., Yale, Heights Blvd., 19th St., and Heights 1st Saturday businesses.

Designed to provide a night to champion art, culture, and community, the White Linen Committee plans to familiarize patrons with more great artists and the ever-changing and growing number of art galleries and studios, shops, and restaurants in the area. Enhancements include artists’ exhibits in some businesses, live music, PediCab gallery and venue-hopping, plush trolleys, Signature Drink stations, eclectic retail, galleries, cafés, and restaurants. It’ll be an exotic, steamy evening of exposure to new and different elements and promote the artistic nature of the neighborhood.

Want to participate? Visit and click on the White Linen Night link or email

Heights Trees Count!

by Angela DeWree, Urban Forestry Chair

Join us for a working walk through our Heights Urban Forest with the City of Houston’s Urban Forester Victor Cordoba and the San Jacinto Council Girl Scouts!

Volunteers are invited to help Victor to update our Heights Street Tree Inventory. Did you know that our street trees belong to everyone - and that these trees are the foundation of our Heights Urban Forest? The Heights has the most Champion and magnificent 100 year old trees in Houston. Enjoy an early morning walk to appreciate our rare Neighborhood Treasure.

Enjoy refreshments from our sponsors Dacapo’s, Buchanan’s, and a hot & iced coffee bar courtesy of Katz Coffee! Participants will receive C&D Hardware seed packets and a gift plant from Newton Nursery. Tree brochures & information will be available for everyone.

This family fun day in the Heights Urban Forest begins at the Fire Station from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday, July 29. Pick up your 4-block assignment from an area bounded by 4th, 20th, Heights, and Oxford. Return the completed form to the Fire Station by 11:00 AM.

The next “Heights Trees Count” will cover the West Side in the fall. Sign up now!

Rose Garden

We wish to again thank Bill Salario of William Salario Landscape Design for providing the “bones” of the central bed at the Rose Garden. Years ago, Bill made suggestions for the garden that have proved to be invaluable in the restoration process. He received the 2001 Marcella Perry Award for this and other contributions to Heights Boulevard and the neighborhood.

Some of Bill’s selections have become large and beautiful colonies of Chrysanthemum, Shasta Daisies, Rudbeckias, Bulbine, and several varieties of salvias. It has been very easy to choose plants and roses to “plug” in the surrounding spaces.

Plants that have been added are Bat Face Cuphea, Celosia, Cleomes, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Dahlberg Daisy, and Mexican Butterfly Weed. New roses that have been added to the central bed are Chrysler Imperial, Clothlde Supert, Dame de Coeur, Ducher, What a Peach (gift of Newton’s Wholesale), Mrs. Oakley Fisher (gift of Barbara Skerrett), Marie Van Houtte, Mrs. Dudley Cross, and Zephirine Drouhin. Valentine and Pearls de Jardin were added to the Crepe Myrtle bed, Mrs. Joseph Swartz to the Mrs. Joseph Swartz bed, and three La Marne to the oak tree bed.

If you happen to notice empty spots in the central bed, thieves have been very busy digging them up almost as soon as we can plant them! We also have someone who seems to think the Rose Garden is their personal cutting garden. Approximately $150.00 worth of plants have been stolen. A police report has been filed.

If you would like to help in the gardens on the boulevard, contact Boulevard Beautification Chair Jim Bennett, or Rose Garden volunteer Cynthia Corn Parker at

Donations for the gardens are always welcome.

Fun Run Results

The top runners overall and in each age class in the 21st Annual Heights Fun Run held Saturday, June 3, 2006 are listed below. Congratulations and thanks to them and to all participants.

Overall Male: David Whittman 16:11

Overall Female: Lisa Tilton-McCarthy 18:50

Master Male: Todd Gilbreath 17:03

Master Female: Heidi Mairs 19:57

Male (14 And Under)

  • 1. Kevin Bradley 23:55
  • 2. Travis Jolly 26:09
  • 3. Ryan Brown 26:20

Female (14 And Under)

  • 1. Katie Sanchez 22:25
  • 2. Abigail Sampson 22:50
  • 3. Elisa Garcia 29:09

Male (15 - 19)

  • 1. Ryan Halleck 17:19
  • 2. Blake Triplett 18:01
  • 3. Vick Brentin 18:29

Female (15 - 19)

  • 1. Kristin Lahare 23:58
  • 2. Annelicse Pohlman 25:51
  • 3. Katelyhn Badger 29:16

Male (20 - 29)

  • 1. Billy Hewitt 17:35
  • 2. David Minken 17:50
  • 3. Brian King 18:26

Female (20 - 29)

  • 1. Jennifer Brown 19:24
  • 2. Kimberly Willingham 21:00
  • 3. Allie Miller 21:19

Male (30 - 39)

  • 1. Jose Lara 16:28
  • 2. runner #1163 16:43
  • 3. Carlo Deason 16:48

Female (30 - 39)

  • 1. Melissa Henderson 19:02
  • 2. Shynae Godfrey 19:30
  • 3. Erin Foley 19:38

Male (40 - 49)

  • 1. Steven King 17:24
  • 2. Chris Duncan 17:34
  • 3. Lance Collins 18:30

Female (40 - 49)

  • 1. Bonnie Jo Barron 20:02
  • 2. Rose Rhoten 21:09
  • 3. Kathy Roldan 22:14

Male (50 - 59)

  • 1. Ted Traynor
  • 2. Gary Johnson 18:47
  • 3. Rainer Potthasl 19:29

Female (50 - 59)

  • 1. Karen Bowler 22:22
  • 2. Jacqueline Fein 25:09
  • 3. Gail Sabanosh 25:12

Male (60 - 69)

  • 1. Jack Lippincott 20:27
  • 2. Chris Buchanan 23:12
  • 3. Fred Steves 24:33

Female (60 - 69)

  • 1. Mary Ramirez 29:43
  • 2. Judy Loy 29:50
  • 3. Judy Richards 32:03

Male (70 And Over)

  • 1. Ino Cantu 20:31
  • 2. Gene Woodruff 26:58
  • 3. George Donehoo 30:45

Female (70 And Over)

  • 1. Bertie Jo Moore 50:06


Our thanks to the following for their generous support of the programs of the Houston Heights Association.

Lynn Chapieski - Beautification

Julie Hackett

Karla Holomon - Flower Gardens

Genevieve Mounger - Beautification

Marcia Pampe - Beautification

Mark & Jennifer Paulson - Beautification

New Members

Please welcome the following new or returning members to the Houston Heights Association.

Cheryl & Don Barker

Rachel M. Combs

Robert Conwell

Konor Cormier

Margaret Hammock

Edward & Jennifer Nawotka

Heights Bike & Skate Rally and Scavenger Hunt

pennyfarthing bicycleWe are sponsoring a new fun event this fall. Get out the bike or skates and get ready to enjoy the first Heights Bike & Skate Rally and Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, October 15. The Rally will start and end at the Heights Fire Station on 12th and Yale Streets.

This is not a race! This self-paced event will start at 8:00 AM, when participants will receive a packet containing a rally card, map, and scavenger hunt clue list. Clues will describe a site or object located along the rally course with space to note its location.

classic skateThe rally route is a 15-mile course on City of Houston bike trails going through several inner-loop neighborhoods. There will be three check points/rest stops where the rally card will be validated by a rally volunteer. In order to be eligible for prizes the rally card must have been validated at all three check points. The completed clue list and rally card must both be turned in by 5:00 PM.

tandem bicycleThe Rally will end with a party. Plan to celebrate with food, soft drinks, and music while awards are announced and door prizes given!

Please note: Children under 12 years of age must wear required safety gear. Riders and skaters must obey all traffic laws.

Entry fee schedule: $10 on or before October 12, $15 beginning October 13.

inline skateAwards and Prizes: Awards will be given in three age groups (Adult, Youth & Children) in two categories (best decorated bike and best costume). It will be almost Halloween, so use your imagination and have fun! Awards will be given to the youngest and oldest participants to finish the course. Award in the Scavenger Hunt goes to the participant who finds the most mystery objects along the course. Prize Drawings during the party!

To register online, visit Credit cards are accepted. Send checks payable to Houston Heights Association along with an entry form to Heights Bike & Skate Rally, P.O. Box 70735, Houston, TX 77270. No refunds will be made.

Packet pick-up for pre-registered participants is at the Fire Station on the day of the event. Registrations will also be accepted at this time.

For more information, call 713-861-4002 option 6 or check our web site


by Dean Swanson, Chair

It has been several months since our last Houston Heights Restoration /Historical Committee meeting; therefore we have a great home to see again for the July 20 meeting. You asked for it, and you have talked about it since it was last viewed in 2001, so we are returning to 828 Heights Blvd, and we have a special surprise announcement in store for the meeting. View this grand Queen Anne Victorian home and hear first hand from 30-year Houston Symphony 3rd-chair cello musician Robert Deutsch about how he and his wife Xiangwei Gong took great care restoring and adding to it in the grand scheme of things. Hear what the near future will bring for this Heights Blvd. grand dame treasure property.

The Summer Houston Heights Restoration/Historical Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 20 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at 828 Heights Blvd. This home is a 1901 Queen Anne Victorian vintage 2-story National Register home. It was originally built from Sears Roebuck plans for the Frederick G. Bonewitz family, whose succeeding generations lived in it until the 1960s. This grand home was the location for the two-hour 1991 Turner Network Television movie “The Final Verdict” starring Glenn Ford, Treat Williams, and Olivia Burnette, based on a book by Adela Rogers St. Johns. This wonderful home has had custom interior treatments and additions using historic architectural treatments to exactly follow the original style.

This very special meeting will be enjoyed by those in the city and neighborhood interested in detailed restoration with a very historic property using the most historically acceptable plans and methods to preserve it in the best way possible using the same care that Mr. Deutsch uses in restoring fine musical instruments.

Please contact Committee Chairman Dean Swanson if you have a restoration project, an historical structure, or historical information for future meeting sites or if you have photos or articles pertaining to the Houston Heights for use at meetings to communicate historical knowledge to the neighborhood. You can reach Dean at or 713-880-2832.

May Board Meeting Summary

by Janet Buchheit, Secretary

Call to order at 6:35 PM on May 15, 2006. April Minutes were amended and approved, and Jim Potter reported that the Spring Home and Garden Tour netted approximately $70,000. Money raised from this event goes to the maintenance of the esplanade of Heights Boulevard and properties owned by HHA.

The Historic Districts Task Force Committee continues to collect signatures and hand out information. The Newsletter is going on line with the July issue. The property at 1414 Ashland should close soon with final revisions to the Tree Deed Restrictions being worked out. HHA President Robin Franklin is given the authority to accept and sign any documents pertaining to the closing.

Jim DePitts and Robin Franklin are authorized by the Board to write letters of support to the Houston Area Galveston Council and to Jessica Farrar showing that HHA supports the White Oak Bayou and MKT connection trail and the purchase of the MKT Spur Acquisition.

Mark Sterling reports on Land Use Committee member Paul Luccia’s effort to abate graffiti. With the help of Janice Evans-Davis (another Land Use Committee member), Paul was able to obtain a generator from the City of Houston. Once Paul obtains a waiver from the property owner affected by graffiti, he is able to abate the graffiti with abatement paint. Paul’s project is supported by the Anti-Graffiti Committee sponsored by Scenic Houston.

Under New Business, the May General Meeting that featured a visit from Mayor Bill White was discussed. Robin Franklin has been contacted by the Houston Dynamo organization to see if HHA wants to sponsor an HHA night. Angela DeWree is coordinating a tree counting day with Victor Cordoba of the City of Houston Urban Forestry Department.

Rick Burke is given the floor to talk about a Constable Pilot Program. The program is run by Harris County and would involve Harris County Constables patrolling a specific area. Harris County contributes 20% of the cost to this program. The pilot program would include all premises located east of Heights Blvd., south of 11th Street, west of Studewood and north of White Oak/6th Street. The cost would be $60,000 per contract per year and would provide one constable working an eight hour day, five days a week. Cost to subscribers would be approximately $250 a year. Added benefits for subscribers include special watches, vacation watches, home security surveys, and direct access to the Precinct 1 dispatcher. HHA will support the project by setting up a committee to coordinate volunteer block captains and get the word out about this program.

David Beale opens up discussion on the move of a bungalow at 1612 Columbia. The realtor/owner of the property led concerned neighbors to believe that the property was being sold to a buyer that would live there. As it turns out, the house is being moved, and the property has been sold to a builder. It is one more case of the piece-meal removal of bungalows that contribute so much to the historical preservation of the Heights.

Mark Sterling tendered his resignation from the HHA Board.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Calendar of Events for July-August 2006








July 1

Heights 1st Sat.



HHA Land Use 6:30 PM, Fire Station

4 Fourth of July

HHA Urban Forestry Group meeting moved to July 29






10 - recycling

HHA General - Tax Update, 7:00 PM, Fire Station



HHA Bike & Skate Rally mtg, 6:30 PM, Fire Station



Deadline for August newsletter




HHA Board, 6:30 PM, Fire Station




Restoration, 7:30 PM, 828 Heights Boulevard




24 - recycling

HHA Education skipping July meeting


HHA Crime & Security, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP Meeting, 6:30 PM, 170 Heights




Tree Counting Day



August 1

National Night Out

Urban Forestry, 6:30 PM, Fire Station





First Saturday

White Linen Night


7 - recycling

HHA Land Use, 6:30 PM, Fire Station



HHA Bike & Skate Rally meeting, 6:30 PM, Fire Station






HHA General - Rail ROW Use, 7:00 PM, Fire Station





Deadline for September issue



21 - recycling

HHA Board, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


HHA Crime & Security, 6:30 PM, Fire Station


PIP meeting, 6:30 PM, 170 Heights






HHA Education, 6:30 PM, Fire Station




September 1


First Saturday

HHA headquarters: The Fire Station is on the corner of Yale and 12th Streets.

Community Calendar

Events planned by other community organizations.

Every Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Saturday, July 1 and 15, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Saturday, August 5 and 19, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Historic Houston’s salvage warehouse is open. Call 713-522-0542 or visit their web site for more information.

Future History

October 1, Festival cancelled

October 15, Bicycle/Skate Rally

December 1-2, Holiday Home Tour

December 11-13, Holiday Food Baskets

February 25, Awards Dinner

April 13-15, Spring Home Tour

June 3, Fun Run

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