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The vision of the Houston Heights Association is for the Houston Heights to be recognized as a diverse, small town community in the heart of Houston, where neighbors and businesses thrive, children learn and play, and history lives.

The mission of the Houston Heights Association is to foster a sense of community among the diverse segments of the neighborhood by:

  1. Being a proactive leader in planning neighborhood progress and solving neighborhood problems
  2. Serving as a constructive force to promote, foster, encourage, and sponsor the rehabilitation and restoration of historically significant homes and buildings and to promote Houston Heights as the best and most livable historic neighborhood in the Houston metropolitan area
  3. Maintaining, improving and beautifying parks, streets, walkways, public buildings, and vacant and underdeveloped areas
  4. Promoting and fostering friendship, goodwill, and community spirit
  5. Mobilizing Heights talent and resources, including other area organizations, to combat community deterioration and meet neighborhood needs, and
  6. Educating, informing and empowering the entire populace concerning the community to enhance involvement in neighborhood progress and promote good citizenship;

In an atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation, and fun.