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Houston Heights Constable Patrol Program

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We are now accepting subscriptions for 2017.

The Heights Constable Patrol zone is defined by the outlined area in the map to the left.

The Heights Constable program is a supplemental police force of currently four deputies hired to patrol the greater Heights area, including your neighborhood. The Houston Heights Association is renewing subscriptions for the program for January 1 through December 31, 2017 and seeking new subscribers. All residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to participate, as the program, which benefits the entire neighborhood, is funded solely by paid subscriptions.

Program Overview
Under this program, each of the four deputies works 40 hours a week on staggered shifts, patrolling in marked cars for high visibility to help deter crime.



They also:
• answer alarms calls
• respond to HPD dispatch
• perform vacation watches
• complete free home security inspections for subscribers
• write tickets and make arrests

Why Pay to Subscribe?
Paid subscribers also have a direct phone contact with the Precinct 1 dispatcher for a quicker response time to any calls or reports of suspicious activity, either by the deputy on patrol or a nearby deputy. Paid subscription even comes with vacation watch services, special watches for unusual circumstances, and free home security inspections.

While the cost of the program has increased, the subscription fee for 2017 will remain the same.

The Constable Patrol program raises the level of security in our neighborhood, and is only possible through paid subscriptions.

Questions? Email

How Do I Sign Up?
To pay by check, click here to download the form and mail it with a check to the specified address.
To pay by credit card, click here.

How Do I Sign Up For Constable Alerts?
You don't not need to subscribe to the Constable Patrol Program to receive constable alerts. Just follow this link and fill out the form.


The Constable Patrol Program:
• Supplements Houston Police Department resources in our neighborhood
• Acts as a deterrent to crime by having a great physical presence
• Full law enforced powers
• Reduced response times
• Additional services to subscribing residents and business owners

Downloadable documents from the constables.
Burglary Tips
Identify Theft

Click here to email your change of address, phone #, and email address.

Graffiti Abatement
Coordinate graffiti prevention and abatement programs with volunteers. Contact to donate paint or to report problems.

Presence at the monthly PIP (Positive Interaction Program) meetings coordinated through Houston Police Department
• Build working relationships with police department and with the officers patrolling our neighborhood
• Dissemination of information from the PIP meetings
• Meeting is at 7 p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1600 State St., 4th floor.

Liaising with Councilwoman Cohen's office regarding crime and safety issues
• Work with the Councilwoman's office regarding new ordinances or changes to ordinances that affect crime or public safety
• Share documented incidents with the Councilwoman's office for further escalation within the City of Houston departments

The number one crime in the area is thefts. Most of those are auto break-ins. Do not leave valuables in your car. Criminals will size up a car within a few seconds and look for things like brief cases, bags, computers, phones, and even chargers. Also please report all crimes no matter how small. This helps HPD as well as the deputies know crime patterns and determine hot spots. You can contact the deputies to help file your report or click here to file online with HPD.

Other contacts:
Heights HPD Storefront on 1127 N. Shepherd: 713.803.1151
HPD non-emergency number: 713.884.3131
HPD District 2 Email: – This email is usually handled by the storefronts.
Graffiti Reporting: 311 or
HPD Metal Theft Division: 281.405.6580