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2018 Community Improvement Awards
Recognizing outstanding recent architecture, design, and construction in Houston Heights, both new and renovated.

Every year, the Houston Heights Association selects four recently completed construction projects around our area that have improved the look and feel of the neighborhood. Some of these keep totally with our historic character; others may push the envelope and introduce innovative new design elements that harmonize with our existing architectural traditions and land use, either through adaptive reuse or altogether new construction. All are selected by Houston Heights friends and neighbors through our open nomination process.

This is where we need your help: please take a look around and send in a nomination form when you think, “Wow, look at that new or renovated house or makes the Houston Heights an even better place than it was before.”

The four categories are:
Commercial New Construction
Commercial Renovation
Residential New Construction
Residential Renovation

We will be accepting nominations through January 21, 2018.

Heights friends and neighbors can submit nominations by: Filling out the online form by following this link. Or, completing and mailing this form (also available in the December Newsletter) to:
Houston Heights Association
ATTN: Community Improvement Awards Committee
107 W. 12th St.
Houston, TX 77008-6907

Winners will be announced at the annual Volunteer Appreciation & Awards Dinner on February 25th, 2018.

For further information regarding the Community Improvement Awards, e-mail or phone 713.861.4002.