Winter Season

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2017 Heights Association Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

To see how board members are selected and view statements from the 2018 board nominees, follow this link.

Board & Officers

President – Bill Baldwin
VP of Communications – Sharon Dearman
VP of Community Affairs – Mark Williamson
VP of Community Relations – Laura Menefee
VP of Finance and Operations – Damian Ogier
VP of Properties – Jim Bennett
VP of Fundraising and Special Events – Danae Stephenson & Kenny Terrell
Treasurer – Matt Bedingfield
Secretary – Allison Witt

Rich Anhorn
Neal Cannon
Kevin Chenevert
Angela Dewree
Carol Welter
Heather Williams
Robert Woods

You may e-mail for more information.

HHA Committee Chairs
Archives – Allison Witt
Awards Dinner – Bill Baldwin, Andrea Hellyer
Bicycle Rally – Bill & Hannah White
Boulevard Beautification – Jim Bennett
• Garden Club – Dee Melancon, Brenda Eskelson
Business – Kevin Chenevert
Comm. Improvement Awards – Brie Kelman
Constable Patrol Project – Lanna vonBaden
Education – Anne Sloan, Emily Cole
Election – Sharon Dearman
Executive – President
Finance – Matt Bedingfield
Fun Run – Damian Ogier
Holiday Food Baskets – Mark Williamson
Holiday Home Party – Kenny & Marianne Terrell
Land Use – Bill Pellerin
• Urban Forestry – Angela DeWree
Membership – Donna Bennett
Newsletter – Mark Williamson
Programs – Angela DeWree
Property Management – Greg Campbell
Property Scheduling – Lauriel Hindman
Sponsorship – Damian Ogier
Spring Home & Garden Tour –
• Tour – Jihye Deveau
Volunteer Coordination – Laura Menefee